Iceland - Chasing Ice

The final day of our tour was by far the most incredible - all about different formations of ice complete with crystal ice caving and wet 'n wild glacier walking. 

Iceland crystal ice cave

Iceland - Off Roading

After visiting the tourist attractions in Iceland, it was time to go off roading.

Iceland snow ice tour jeep

Iceland - The Golden Circle (Part 2)

Our next stop on the route was Gullfoss Waterfall. 

Iceland Gullfoss Waterfall snow winter

Iceland - The Golden Circle (Part 1)

The Golden Circle is a popular tourist route in the south of Iceland.

Iceland Thingvellir National Park Winter snow

Iceland - Reykjavik from above

Before we set off to drive the Golden Circle, we took some time to see Reykjavik from up the church tower.

Iceland Reykjavik Snow Winter

Iceland - Day 1

If you do nothing else with your life - go to Iceland.

Iceland Reykjavik Sun Voyager Sculpture

Brussels, Belgium

As the capital of Belgium, Brussels is worth a day to explore.

Belgium Brussels Park Christmas Market

Belgian Food

Belgium is any food lover's paradise. 

Belgium Bruges Brugges Chocolate Christmas Market

Christmas in Bruges

I have never travelled at Christmas before. It really is a magical time of the year, all around the world. This December I spent some time in Bruges. 

Bruges Belgium Christmas