Sunny Southsea

With the summer holidays coming to an end, we set out on one final outing to mark the end of the summer.


Dartmouth Delights and Torquay Treasures

After waking up to torrential rain for the last few days (every day), we decided to brave the weather and venture out in to Dartmouth and Torquay.

Devon Staycation

Getting the whole family together can be difficult, so this year we decided to stay around for a 'staycation' down in Devon.

Despite a few complaints about missing the Grecian sun, I have been pleasantly surprised at how green and beautiful Devon is. The rolling hills and blue sky have captured my heart and imagination.

Devon boats

Journey Beginnings

Kenya Lake Victoria Tree Forest

Hello and welcome!

In 2013 I finished University with a good degree . . . but am still not very sure of what I want to do. Whilst there are many people embarking on professional careers, I think there are still many people like myself who are wandering just as much as me.

I decided to begin this blog as a way to document what I have been up to and encourage others on their wandering.

Photo: Lake Victoria, Kenya